Current Openings

Our Business Marketing Student Co-Op is designed to help students apply knowledge and concepts of marketing while interacting with the potential customers for our Service Offerings and Mobile App and at the same time helping small businesses during this pandemic time. The candidate will achieve this by identifying such businesses through physical and online channels and creating awareness through one to one contact.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for identifying and research Business who do not have an online presence.
  2. Do a proper research for the defined demographics of the target market through the process and flow shared by the company.
  3. Document the required materials from business owners, organize them on Google shared drive and share with the company as and when required.
  4. Identify needs, effectively present concepts and communicate the value proposition of our products and services to the business owner or Manager.
  5. Provide proper feedback and report it to management to generate proper statistics and help us improve our offerings.
  6. Meet the business owner or Manager and explain to them how our solutions can help them gain more customers, improve customer satisfaction and retain lost business.
  7. Provide training and on-call support to the target market with the company’s solutions.
  8. Send a daily report of the activities you have undertaken as required by our company’s format.
  9. Help organize marketing events sponsored by our Company.
  10. Identify trade shows, exhibitions, networking events, gatherings that will help pitch the benefits of the solutions to the key persons.
  11. Identify opportunities to establish strategic partnership with small business associations and business groups’ organizers.

Job Requirements:
1. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
2. Excellent time management, strong communication and networking skills.
3. Ability to make quick, informed decisions to avoid communication delays.
4. Ability to multitask, and meet deadlines, sense of urgency for completion of critical tasks.

Salary Compensation: The Co-Op student will be compensated depending on their performance. The student will also receive a certificate of completion and reference for the job if required.

Additionally the successful candidates’ profile may be featured on our website with their co-op journey and how they helped our company achieve the goals.

On successful completion of Co-Op, the student may be employed as part time/contract/full time position depending upon the performance of the student and available openings in the company.

Please send your resume to with the subject line as “Application for Business Marketing Student Co-Op”.